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TGrep2 and the TGrep2 Database Tools

This website describes the functionality of TGrep2 and the TGrep2 Database Tools (TDT). The primary function of TGrep2 is to extract parse trees whose structures match a specified pattern. It is, essentially, grep for trees. The TDT are a collection of perl scripts that allow for creating .tsv databases of search results. TDTlite provides an easy to use wrapper around the TDT. TGrep2 was written by Doug Rohde. TDT and TDTlite were written by Judith Degen, Austin Frank, Florian Jaeger, and Neal Snider.

Authors: Judith Degen

This website contains general setup information and basic tutorials for TGrep2, TDT, and TDTlite. For more extensive documentation, see the TGrep2 User Manual and the TGrep2 Database Tools User Manual.